About Covid Causes


Covid Causes was founded as a means to provide a central location that lists all the credible private citizens, organizations and charities that are actively helping out the most needy in Nigeria during the Covid19 pandemic - and are in need of donations and support.

We are not a watchdog - however we are pre-screening before listing, in order to not list questionable and possibly fraudulent entities. We do not take any money on behalf of anyone listed - we simply provide basic information and links so that you can decide for yourself who you feel comfortable donating to.

We advise you to get in contact directly with these organizations and private citizens ahead of making a donation.

Covid Causes has been created by G.rizo a.k.a. Ihu Anyanwu (DJ/musician/culture worker) and Uzoma Orji (artist/technologist).

Covid Causes is supported by Naija Tech Creatives. Please fill out this form if you would like to add your relief initiative. Email covidcausesng@gmail.com with any enquiries.

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